Whaur in th’ warld?

ImageA location?

Do you mean a position or site occupied or available for occupancy or marked by some distinguishing feature?  Its simple minimum energy consumption and great stress busters, the location of my feet from Terra Firma I would plonk it right up on the table. – for a year?

A tract of land designated for a purpose? You mean like a Farm or station in Australian English, relocation? You must be crazy—from the borders of the Jungle I would move right into the jungle, forget the farm or station.

ImageOh! What you meant was placement of baseballs pitches in a particular area of the strike zone? All right and the ability to control placement of pitches—well I never imagined someone could live there for more than a split second let alone a year.

Seriously, If I could relocated it would be country roads take me home years of living by the sea, I realize that there was a part of me that I seriously denied, the girl who was brought up with rural background. The green fields, the sloppy mountain terrain of the western ghats with its winding rivers and tall trees,  I am back in the comforting cradle of the sahayadri.

But relocating without my family, no thanks, I would not want to return after a year and find that my family has moved on, leaving me all alone.



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