Yn ôl mewn amser

ImageA song that makes me go back in time?

Bak in bells

Well time can be an Noun, adjective and verb! Which do I pick up?

Time the measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues.

The national anthem, of course always indicates the conclusion of an event. When we were kids the national anthem was belted at the end of every movie with screen displaying the national flag. For a long time I was convinced that the actors of the movie assembled behind the screen to render the anthem, and would wonder how they disappeared.

All India radio, “ab suno gaana swargiya kundanlal saigal ke” the singer from the early indian movies, meant that it was 8 am and time for us to begin getting ready for school.

There was a girl so thin a tall a fair, her hair her was delicate brown like ginger,  was a round we rattled during our school days, it helped us keep perfect time, with one another.

Re-mama re-mama re ray…. a song from the movie andaaz, I remember going to the movie and this hero sings it to his daughter each one of us secretly wishing our fathers did too.  anthintha hennu neenalla… uncle madhu sang this ditty, it meant you are an unique girl, it meant please wash my plate. Yes, there are milestone songs marking our growing years. The romantic songs of our teenage, some robust party numbers.

But one unchanged song that lets the past stay where it should be is the soul song.



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