Childhuid scran.

rice bowlFood is the most primitive form of comfort—and this declaration was endorsed by Sheilah Graham in her lifetime between 1904 – 1988.

From morning till night sounds drift from the kitchen most of them familiar and comforting .. on days when warmth is the most important need of the human heart, the kitchen is the place you can find it; it dries the wet sock, it cools the hot little brian.

I remember my childhood, and the meal time but no particular flavor as such. It was a longish corridor like dining area still seen in the traditional coastal houses. The kitchen on one end, and the store room on the other. A table where people who were dressed to go out would sit. The rest of us sat down on the floor with our plates. It was the laughter my uncles and father sharing their day at work. My cousins talking of their day at school. It was like a wonderland outside the compound of the house.

The tradition continued when we shifted out of the joint family, to the day when I visit my mother, she cooks while the rest of us hang around gossiping.

At the end of the day of the day food is not about impressing people it is about making them comfortable.

If you still insist on asking then my comfort food is a hot bowl of rice porridge with pickle.


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