Mah hen mammy an’ dochter.

Who is the person most dearest to me, why do I hold this person in such high regard?

This sounds like the dedication that we put on our books  (I know when published) well to whom then should I dedicate my wonderful, suprising and interesting adventure? To whom dare I reveal my private opinion of my nearest relations> the secret thoughts of my dearest friends? My hopes, fears, and reflections and dislikes? Frances Burney says nobody, well, maybe but I would say I ,me, myself.

That does render me lonely  asocial and pathetic. Maybe, but there are three people who I do share.  You can call them my past and future, that is my mother and my daughters.

My mother is my past she is the one who built me, gave me my values, my strengths and convered up my weaknes. While prodding me to strengthen my self in the those spaces. She is my protector, and my conscience.

My daughters my future, they are so precious to me while a part of me wants to set them free so that they soar the skies part of me wants to ensure that they are safe.

Though my dreams were and are all my own; I account for them to nobody, they  were and are my refuge when annoyed – my dearest pleasure when free —  if ever I had to share them it would be with these women who anchor me in the present.


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