Wus Ya Skill?

ImageIf I could choose to learn any skill in the world I would learn the etiquette of politeness, grace and subtlety. As of now I am kind of as polite, graceful and subtle as a battle-axe.

Essentially maybe I should look at myself as a brand.  Brands need to be remembered, so what would I be remembered for? What defines me? If I have it in me, I guess I should do something that defines me. Invent something? Develop a unique skill, get noticed for something—these create a talking point (thank you Chris Arnold for putting it so articulately.)  one of the greatest victories  i can gain over someone would be to beat him at politeness. So logically I need to develop the skill of politeness until it becomes a habit, and habit is an intersection of Knowledge(what to do). Skill (how to do) and desire (want to do) my stand is authenticated by Stephen R Covey himself.

I love people and when love and skill work  together expect a masterpiece…. are you asking for a delivery date …. aah! When shall we three again in thunder, lightning or rain? When the hurlyburly’s done,when the battle’s lost and won”as the quote from Macbeth Act I scene I goes.


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