Paneer- soya jalfrazee.

Paneer- soya jalfrazee.

Serves 4

Preparation time 30mnts.

1 tbsp.      Cooking oil,

150gms    paneer cut to long strips.

50gms      carrots.

50gms      French beans*1

100gms    capsicum yellow and green

100gms    onion chopped

10gms      soya chunks *2

3              red chillies

½ tsp                chilli powder

¼ tsp                jeera powder

1 tbsp       ginger garlic paste

2tbsp                vinegar*3

4tbsp                tomato sauce.

Salt to taste.


Soak the soya chunks in hot salted water for about 20mnts. Squeeze out water and cut into 4 pieces and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan add cumin seeds when sputter add red chillies, opinions and sauté for a while

When the onions turn golden brown in colour, add chilli powder, vinegar, ginger garlic paste and sauté for 2 more minutes

Now add cottage cheese pieces, soya chunks chopped capsicum to the above onion mixture along with water and cook for few minutes.

When the pieces are tender add tomato sauce, salt and stir well. Remove from heat and serve hot with chapatti or pulao

This is the orginal recipe from Sanjiv Kapoor. Since my family dislikes soya and vinegar I have modified it thus.

  1. If local runner beans or alsandi is available I use them instead of French beans.
  2. Ghatte—the rajasthani ones. Mix besan with salt, baking powder any spice of choice a little curd to a stiff dough dice it and steam it.  Deep frying adds to the taste and calories.
  3. Lime juice.





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