Whit dae ye say.

ImageThe world of demi-gods, if you thought Rick Riordon was the only one who knew of them think again.

Samson was into martial arts. But like all martial art hero’s he had his strength and weakness.

“Samson, you can’t bed every wench who crosses your path.”

“Of course not maa, there will be a day when the true inspiration would pop up. Then I would go to the Barber, snip these locks. Frock up and party.”

“Don’t you dare snip those locks,”

“Whoa mom,”

“Listen buster, you are the demi-god and your father is Apollo, through your hair runs the ray of the sun, giving you the strength”

Samson looked at his reflection in the lake, but they made him look so terrible.

“What ails you my love?”

“Haa Delilah, thou shall ask no questions and thee shall be told no lie.”

‘Sammy dear, something does bother you.’

“Well it’s my hair, look at them how I would like to have the snipped straight locks of your kind.”

“So why don’t you”

“My strength lies within; shearing the tresses would weaken me.”

“Hmm”pondered Delilah running her hair through the greasy apology of hair on Samson’s head that looked like sausages and smelt like they were a fortnight old.

“Give me a fortnight” she said

“What will you do?”

“Collect seven withes create a potion for your hair. The hair will only straighten, but not fall apart.”

“Make sure they are not green for they will take my strength too.”

Delilah, would put together seven green withes that never dried to tie Samson up

“Haa my son,” noted Samson’s mother who had heard the talk between Samson and Delilah, she said”your rue is your sausage like hair, here’s what we do”

Teddy Charles” she called to the expert at sunsilk saloon.

“Teddy Charles get your sorry self here”

Yes ma’m”

“Well Delilah here has been messing Sammy’s hair with green willow withes,”

“Oh! No, weak hair, weak man” claimed teddy Charles,

“Let me see, its Pink keratin Yogurt Nutricomplex for you, it gently cleanses and nourishes your hair, the roots to the length of the locks get strengthened and you have your abundant hair back.”

This time round when Delilah arrived with her willow withes, Samson was back rich glossy abundant hair; he had shampoo-ed. Protected with conditioners and hairspray. Gone was the oily sausage, gone was the stink. Samson with his ponytailed hair was the true son of the sun-god.



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