Let no man’s deathbed be a futon.
Demetri Martin

My Bookshelf

Image“Why not, why not, why not”

“Why not?”and “yeah’ where Timothy Leary’s last words, the dying lady, Luiza Tavora, sounded quite near to it,  so had ChinarBibi.

Akshar was covering the accident on the news for the day. It was just one of those things delegated to him; he essentially seemed to have turned into the handyman for the office. From the print media they shunted him to the visual media; there he was covering up for anyone who didn’t turn up for the day.

“its temporary we shall re allot the slots once this quarter is over, until then try out various beats and see what you can come up with.” Here he was covering the beat for a kid reporter who did not make it.

Akshar looked at the old lady, she was dying.

“Please help me, share this with the world I am dying but I…

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