out of the world

ImageIt seemed yesterday that everyone was agog about 2012; suddenly it is New Year plans again. The vendors out with their planners and companies are out sending Denali gifts a time of the year that made Akshar very lonely.

“Tell me what are thinking about.”

Ptah”retorted Akshar, “yes, Of course” smiled the man in front of him “I am Ptah!”

Not again thought Akshar, “Ptah “the man actually expected that he should be taken seriously. He called himself the Egyptian God of creation.

“So you have an issue in accepting me and my help” smiled the man, “Forget about it, let’s talk about why did you not go home for Sharadotsav.”

“After being jilted by her? No way, I do not believe in rituals, let’s say I do go worship the goddess like I have been doing all the 35 years of my 40 year life, I am still blocked.”


“I would not want to do these rubbish things, I mean how stupid”

“Well look at like a win-win deal”

“what do you mean?”

“Akshar your issue is inability to converse; my issue is loss of power.”

“Wow now I get this loser who claims to be God but looses power. Wow and you expect to believe that things will be fine.”

“We Gods function this way, the more you use us, the more empowered we get. The more empowered we get the more we strengthen you.”

Akshar could not believe that he was actually having this conversation happening!! Christ may be his boss was right he had lost it

“Well you need conversation. “Stated Ptah again


How about this

2012 just got fired into space in a pea-sized capsule. Inside the capsule is a pithy summary of 2012 was all about. For you for humanity, for your local whatever group, you decide, either one or all what do you think you would put into it””

“Are you nuts?”

“well, buddy since I am your buddy God, I am just asking  ensuring that you have some conversation, with someone at least with capsule that you trigger to space.”

“Capsule I trigger to space”

“Of course, why else do you think writers put conversations into blurbs? Man you have a long haul to go.”

Akshar figured that it may be a good idea to actually attempt this conversation. It might get him somewhere. He had just this one month of sabbatical to get his act right.

Akshar created a caricature Ptah with tongue stuck out to the boot. “What was 2012 about?” – Recuperation.

“From what”

“there was this great chasm that I got into no way out, can you beat it, work dead end, marriage divorce procedure on, kids on the chopping block, it was like hell hath no fury let loose than Fortuna offended.”

“And what did you do about it?”

Akshar wondered what he really did. What was the year all about?

January seemed so promising, with workshops at various institutes, his highlight was the course at Flame Institute of Liberal studies. The campus was so calm, so serene set in the valley that seemed hidden from the bustling noisy city of Pune.  As he unfolded the mythology of Karana the illegitimate son of Kunti the mother of Pandavas, he could relate see and perceive the entities the myth embodied. Like the story of the Jarjara, the Arbour Mundi,

“moolataa brahma rupaya, madhyavthe Vishnu roopena agratha siva ropaya vrksha rajayate namah”

“Sir, are we talking of tree worship?” one of the students had piped in.

“Hey this is ethno culture the second piped.”

“Well in Hindu rituals we talk of three thousand crores gods” he said winding up the lecture.

“Hey you blabbered without believing.” Akshar was startled. “Do you know what the issue is” the voice continued.

“Could you do me the pleasure of being visible,” asked Akshar and he was really annoyed with this voice that seems to pop up and tell him off.

“Maybe, if call nicely” “oh! Come off it, do manifest Mr.Ptah!”

“Guess I shall settle for this for now” said a nebulous cloud that slowly formed into an apparition.

Actually it was quite funny a suit clad man with an Egyptian headdress. Like an Arab with a Pharaoh mask!!”What did you say Mr.Pha… I mean Ptah”

“You have lost your words, son, there is no other trouble with you.”

Akshar gazed at him, “Do you know why you have lost your words?”

“The Matrikas or the phonetics have left you, since you disrespected them.”

“haa we have become moralistic is it?”

“Do you think before you use the words, still worse is your disdain for conversation? Buddy it is not just the words, it’s the voice swara that left you, when the words don’t exist then your conversation does not exist, when your conversation does not exist you don’t.”Akshar looked up, Ptah seemed to be smirking at him, and the Egyptian headgear gone he was just like the seniors who ragged him at college twenty years ago. Mildly greying, and mocking at him. Akshar sighed and Ptah vanished.

It was a relief he kind of empathized with snowwhite’s step mother imagine being told by a mirror that you are not the best.

“Hello, the mirror only mirrors you buddy” mocked the voice before Ptah vanished, and Akshar kept looking at the scribbling of the lesson plan he had made for that session. Yes he now realized the imagery of the words and how the world existed inside of these words woven by wordsmiths.

Moolah the origin- Brahma the creator.

Agra- the leader- dynamic energy-personified by Shiva

Then comes the sustainance-middle order, Madhya Vishnu

As Vishnu moves on, the strength or power of the tree personified skanda, and finally the base the snakes, which symbolically represented rejuvenation, an association of their shedding skin.

Then came his journey of self acceptance, he had begun to realize his existence in a world of words. He did not know whether he was the words, the words created him, or he created the words.

This was shabda Brahma; he now wanted to call out for Ptah ask him to reveal more of this puzzle.

The pithy summary of what 2012 was all about was that he Akshar discovered that he had no existence outside the world of words.

The epiphany was well Akshar met Ptah, in the year 2012 and Ptah turned his world around.  Somewh


ere in the realm of h



is mind Ptah flitted in and out.



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