ImageWhat ho!”I said,
“what ho!”said Motty
“what ho ! what ho!”
“what ho! What ho! What ho!” after that it seemed rather difficult to go on with the conversation…. read Akshar in the P.G.Wodehouse .
It was as if Wodehouse was referring to him thought Akshar, conversations seems to have vanished from his life, there was nothing that inspired him anymore.
Sometimes, no each time he missed those conversations, some old ones came back to haunt him. It was as if he was a hero on a journey with a mission to kill every interaction, everything that brought words into his pace. Yet it was not as if he wanted to escape words, it was just that the words tortured him, it was better slice words off from his words, then be at a loss for them.
“what haunted house? All that is crap we are all haunted and haunting.” Mayur was insisting,
“Lets take a look naa. “ his partner Himmat was insisting.”I am not scared of werewolves, or vampires or haunted hotel, as much as I am of what real human beings do to other real human beings” how right thought Akshar, the same was with him.
He remembered writing this story as kid, about a family living in a haunted house, the house was haunted by the works of the dark world, the witch, the vampire, a mummy in the basement. Each one claiming to own the house.
His own narrative made him uneasy, and he did not know how to come out of this ownership scenario.
“appa, who do you think should own the house?”
“tell me the story in 3 lines,”
Akshar did
“absolutely hilarious, find out who is paying the EMI ”his father had retorted laughing out aloud. And Akshar did not know what EMI was, for him it was a new monster, he had created one, with tremendously horrifying horns, red eyes and maybe he could throw in a appetite that devoured everything or anyone that came to claim the house. That sounded pretty interesting. The monster was a competitor to Elmo without being as loveable.
Anyway his father continued, who gave you this idea?
“kamala ajji”
“”that old woman “his father had retorted,
“she herself is a haunted house” his mother was muttering, “it is as if she does not possess herself. Her ancestors sometimes come and peer out of the windows of her eyes, that is very frightening”
Akshar had looked around bewildered.
“what they are saying” his grandmother explained is that ”Kamala ajji is old, and she behaves like her parents and elders. After a while you will behave like papa, and some would comment that papa is possessing you “Akshar had felt safe with this explanation. The story stayed with him.



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