Fowk will gab.

ImageOne that I hope won’t say about me?

Old beans will chinwag. Oh stop it! You tease!

Well I am not sure. That it is one thing. Looking good is such as issue.

Yet  I would not want people to say that I compromise to stay in people’s good books.

Somewhere when people talk about other people it is rarely good, for it a way of saying, hang on I am not like this, I am made of better timber.

If people speak behind my back, well they are welcome to it.

If they do so to my face, well, thanks for the compliment, and if compliments don’t come forth—I would not waste time and energy defending or explaining people’s opinion is absolutely their baby and they will defend it to all eternity.

If people take time off to talk about me, be it good bad or ugly I would truly be honored that I am relevant enough for them to shift focus from their lives to talk about me.


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