Pet peeve

ImageMy top three pet peeves,

Well to be peevish is to be resentful, it could be annoying, bothersome,vexing, irritating,  whatever.

Well I don’t have a pet peeve, like Whoopie Goldberg I have a kennel full of them.

Coming back to pet peeves, it is actually  mission impossible, imagine telling your pet peeve—hi you are not real, you a noun synthesized by Americanism who qualifies my personal hate, I can replace you with a bugbear, bête noire, complaint, grievance etc.

You are but the creation of my soliloquy and you create ornately complicated slush in my otherwise tranquil life, somewhere I have become incorrigible like all man kind, between bugbear and idols, the distinctions of rights and wrong, truth and falsehood, good and evil, are all lost to me,( whew ! looks like so has the focus of my writing)

My  pet peeves

  • People conversing on their mobiles, at public places like they are in their backyard.
  • People dirtying the environment.
  • Know all’s (I have the copyright on this.)

Max Cannon actually shares an epiphany like others don’t know it, “We all have our pet things that we like to get religious about”


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