Letter writin’.

Wednesday 0ct.17th.2012,

Dear Plinky,

Hope you are thriving with creative energy, and are done away with blocks.

With regard to your inquiring as to when was the last time I wrote someone a handwritten letter, it was last week, at the Landmark education forum the letter was part of a completion exercise with a  relative.

I was reminded of the book by Agatha Christie where Hercules Poirot solves a case by discovering the fact that Mrs. McGinnty  bought a bottle of ink. It meant she wanted to write a letter. And Mrs.McGinnty belonged to that class of people who did not routinely write letters!!

In my part of the world the postman still calls with letters, it has drastically reduced I mean the personal ones, not the official ones.

When you have brought this issue up, I could not help but retrospect that we lost a lot when we stopped writing letters. After all one can’t reread a phone call unless one records it.

Whether snail mail or email, I do prefer communicating through letters,Phyllis Theroux is right when she says, to send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.

With regards




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  1. I miss the time where letter writing was more common. Over the years I’ve been friends with two people who have gone through the US Navy Basic Training, and during those weeks the only way you can communicate with the recruits is through letters. I still have the letters my husband (then fiance) wrote while he was in Boot Camp. It was a very special time in our lives, preserved in letters.

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