My Perfect Day…



What would my perfect Sunday morning be like?

I get up every morning torn with the desire to improve the world and enjoy it.. this makes it difficult to plan or visualize an ideal day. If cleaning up the house could give me a high of having a great tidy house the action to achieve is frustrating and friction creating.!!

Well I have not actually thought about it. So far Sunday had been no different from other days, probably a day which I resented most. For the world and her spouse seem to have a funday, and I have even forgotten what my concept of fun is. This self-pity is now duly over come

So Sunday’s I am at Mumbai which is about 12hrs by train from where I stay. I attend morning sessions. Fool myself that i am working in the afternoon and take the return train at 10pm so I am back to work at 11 am Monday morning.

Until I can get a picture of what an ideal day should be like I think I should defer answering this question.

I have resolved to take Benjamin Franklin’s advice and grab the paper in the morning, check the obituary column, if my name is not there get up from bed and occupy myself to the best that I can.

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