Wee Gab

Thomas Neiel

“Of those who say nothing, few are silent.”

The last time that I was on an airplane did I chat with the person next to me..

“what ho!” I said

“what ho!” said the lady with alligator purse

“what ho! what ho!”

“What ho! Ad infinitum” said the lady with alligator purse, after which it seemed rather difficult to go with the conversation. For the Lady with the alligator purse was my seventeen year old daughter. By the way P.G.Wodehouse borrowed this scenario from the eternal mother and daughter conversation without even acknowledging it,”what ho!”

There is absolutely no reason why you should look down on “What ho!” if you think that the heads of state only have serious conversations, you are mistaken they actually often begin with the weather or,”I really like your tie” what ho! Works well enough when you don’t like it.

Overall, a conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. that’s why there are so few good conversations:due to scarcity,two intelligent talkers seldom meet.

As for the passenger in the next seat if it was not my daughter the only reason I would ask them about their travel would be so that I can tell them of my own. 


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