IM- an Iris message

Man is a messenger who forgot the message.

Abraham Joshua Herschel

Iris, The Rainbow Goddess!

Hi here is a IM—uh!uh! not an Instant message, but an Iris Message from the goddess who carries messages for the God until she was overtaken by Hermes.

Usually messages are short communications transmitted by words, signals, or other means from a person, station or group to another. It could be a statement made or read before a gathering or a basic thesis or lessons.

From Iris-message, to messengers on foot, through the postal messages and telephonic messages, we are at the era of IM or the instant message, this has now turned constant message.

The most annoying messages of them all are the ones that declare a message for motivating/inspiring/whatever and require you forward the same crap. These are sent in the ridiculous, no vowels, script. Maybe this is called completing the circle, remember Atabash and Hieroglyphics.

This is closely followed by:

Sales pitch

• Wisdom messages

• Motivational forwards

These are the most annoying.

The annoyance factor increases when the pitch is in Hindi. It raises my hackles; Rick Riordan in his books presents Hermes (Mercury) the messenger god as a light-hearted prankster. When I receive any of these above category of messages or texts I assume that Hermes is up to his tricks, to pump my Mercury up!

When it comes emails, there are those low energy apparently bright and lively messages to parties, and social network. Annoyances”

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