classroom articulus.


Today it is not the classroom nor the classics which are the repositories of models of eloquence, but the ad agencies.

Marshall McLuhan

My most embarrassing moment in a classroom as a student was in the medical college it was the third year and we had just begun wards. The class would be conducted in the wards, since we were very particular, we that is a group three students had worked in the ward the previous night and our case was all set, and guess what, next day the disease had worsened and got on to stage three.

The professor took us to the cleaners . but he also taught us something very valuable that day, that we needed to assess the patient each day, and medicine was learnt by the bedside and not in the classroom. He didn’t us to learn our conceptions of disease from words delivered from a lectern or read from a text, he wanted us to see, observe, converse, reason, conclude and then treat.

This principle I find holds good in every aspect of life.

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  1. One of my teachers also told me that, “we only dress the wound yet it is a greater power from above that does the healing.” This probably is a vertical parallel to the horizontal logic that you have mentioned. Nice touch outside the books.

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