Doggone don’t get Catty

Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” – George Elliot

Cat & Dog

Am I a dog person, cat person or others?

I wonder what “others ” all about! Fishy as in my birth sign?

My answer is straight and simple neither.

I sincerely and honest believe all dog owners are lazy and cowardly they can do their biting by themselves and I am not being catty when I say this.

What I did discover though, was. When people ask are you a cat person or dog person, they are indirectly asking what sort person you are. Some popular notions are:

Dogs are dependent, passive and happily subordinate to their owns, while cats are independent yet offer companionship.

• Women are cat people and men are dog people.

• Dogs have families and are grateful for what they get while cats simply expect to be taken care of and show no evidence of thankful and loyalty.

The last one is really quite stupid, considering if you don’t feed a cat it will find its prey and food, while a dog will waste away. If you look around carefully you will agree with Jeff Valdez, that Cats are smarter you can’t get eight cats to pull a sledge.

Peak of summer is called dog days since the heat turns dogs mad, while other animals turn languid and take catnaps.

But one thing for certain, as Samuel Butler says.” all of the animals except man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it.’

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