Flaunt.Taunt and Whatnot!


Everyone has to scratch on walls somewhere or they go crazy”

Michael Ondaatje, In the Skin of a Lion

Part of 2006 Writing on the Wall

In the 5th chapter of the book of Daniel the pagan King Belshazzar gives a feast and insults the holy objects of the Israelites. A detached finger writes on the wall of the room, but neither he nor his wise men can read the writing. He sends for Daniel who translates it. “You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting” night Belshazzar was killed.

Since that day writing on the wall has come to mean a last warning. The wall is located in everyone’s life, with what better name than FACEBOOK?

People, flaunt, taunt and whatnot…

Scratch here for today’s update.

Type I that assumes the Facebook wall is a toilet wall and writes graffiti. Creating graffiti in itself is an impulse to get recognized. On Facebook? No cop can book you for vandalizing.

Type II that uses Facebook to wash dirty linen in public

Maybe in the virtual area people heed David Meerman’s dikhat “Think like a publisher, not a marketer” so they put a writing on the wall be it theirs or somebody else but the writing is clear.

When I read these some updates, I wish I could be Eoin Colfer, and declare “I am charging you with the protection of my mother and friends, not to mention keeping my younger self off the internet. She as dangerous as Opal.”

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