I- burg

The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo.”

Desmond Morris

railway station at my town

A culture as we all know is made by its cities,–when you look at a city, it is reading the hopes, aspiration, and pride of everyone who built it.

Christopher Morley says all cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful: but the beauty is grim.—heaven help that I come across as gallant and beautiful. (Is gallant used with reference to women?)

To answer Plinky I need to know two things,

• My personality

• Towns/cities

After which I will have to compare them. The entire process sounds like work, which is so fascinating that I can stare at for hours.

Well like a good netizens I took the online quiz.

monsoon flora

Quibble—says I am laid-back, environmentally friendly, and most people would call me a hippie if I weren’t on the Internet all day long. San Francisco being the hub of both dot.com and hippie seems like my city. Of course san Francisco has its share of earthquakes, good food, breezy weather with a good chance of fog.— since I am located in India, it would be Bangalore the sister city of San Francisco.

Yeeks, a parthenium, asthma, dot.com guys, infested area. Water problem and the general public seem to forgotten the local language, I actually have to put with arbit cowbelt jokers who demand I speak Hindi. No I do not identify with this.

from the Nilgiri supermarket

Quiz farm – says –Killarney in Ireland is the place for me, somewhat quiet and thoughtful. Frequenting pubs with my friends is something I don’t mind, but I enjoy my peaceful time alone.

I just remembered something that my husband’s Guru once mentioned that we carry the quality of the soil in which we are born; this was the context of commenting that I was detached like the sand grains that does not adhere to anything.

the town-square center of action

I like what Bill Kraus says, “Cities are gentrified by the following type people in sequence. First the risk oblivious,(artists), the risk-aware (developers),finally the risk adverse(dentists from New jersey)” well I am an artist, you have seen samples of my graffiti, I am a developer, you have read the blogs I develop from Plinky’s prompts, hey presto I am a dentist by profession, though not from New Jerseywell you can’t have it all, but the long and short of it, is I am persona in every city the great Hindu AHAM BRAHMASMI.


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