A bland Affair

“Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.”

― Stephen King


Whats my favourite movie adapted from a book enquired Plinky.

Well to quote Stephen king,”books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruits, but taste completely different.”

There are books that have been adapted, actually none of them match up. the directors are on their own trip compromising on the story, characters or events. Two movies that inspired me to read the original books were “Percy Jackson and lightening thief” and “The mistress of spices.”

Percy Jackson books were better.

The mistress of spices the movie does not build the story up from the very beginning, but handles only the climax. The ethnicity of the characters becomes secondary to the challenges and drama in their lives. For change Aishwarya Rai actually was convincing, she even looked alive in certain shots.

Mistress of spices,

Author: Chitra Divakaruni

ISBN: 0-385-4838-8 published by Anchor Books..

The novel tells the story of the expat Indian society through the tale of Tilo the mistress of who has transcended time and is now challenged by a forbidden love.

An attempt to be magical tantalizing and sensual the tale tells the story of Tilo, the rebel, who was initiated by rite of fire to become immortal, though in a gnarled and arthritic body of an old woman, she is the ordained mistress of the ancient secret power of spices. Tilo as I said has transcended time and is now in Oakland,where she administers cures for her customers. She is now at the crossroad of having to choose between the supernatural of an immortal life and the vicissitudes of modern life,

Somewhere the novel lacks the spice.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Indian born author teaches creative writing at California and has won acclimation for her work. For more about her read www.chitradivakaruni.com

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