Of the Palate

  • ImageIn a lot of ways I think food is starting to take the place in culture that rock and roll took 30 years ago, in that eating has become incredibly political. And just as the street has always dictated fashions on music and other things, it’s starting to happen that way in food.” —Jonathan Gold, L.A. Weeklyfood criticBhojan
    This is one serves great vegetarian Gujarati food and its hospitality kills so does the billing. But the food is to die for.There was a time when ice-creams where part of the menu but now one needs to order it as an add-on.

    The food served is such an extensive variety that ice-cream seems a screaming torture.


    At Goa main street the food is the great confused Indian food. But a familiar one. Definitely less scary than Bhojan.

    It serves the familiar Shetty hotel fare, where the menu lists a range of food, which at the end of the day tastes the same.

    Gujarat Lodge

    the half way home between a formal restaurant and street food. A great take away, quite pocket friendly and palate friendly.

    Bengali sweets, Gujarati savory, Maharastrian snacks the place is great take-away.

    Miramar carts

    The ultimate street food, which serves Panipuri. a small puri round without edges, with a crispy crust like the world that we live in, stuffed with sweet, spicy and nourishing flavors like life and dispensed in 70% water like the water content of the earth, pulling the negativity and comforting the palate and the emotion.


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