Big Deal

ImageWhat makes me roll my eyes? Asks Plinky!!

Is  this question  for real?

Well not only do I roll my eyes; I also ensure that my students do in out theatre class. This is part of angina abhinaya or body expression.

But  other than that there are so many  heaven help you asking—this is the first roll my eyes situation.

I would roll my eyes to indicate condescension, contempt, boredom but most often expiration.

Idiotic commemoration day, like today’s Cow appreciation day, is one supposed to go to the vets or the cattle farm and help out the cowherd? No you are to go to the butcher to pick your meat!  Or the burger joints for a discount on burgers and milkshake!! Well go ahead have a boo-tiful day.

Another roll my eyes situation is when I go to my hometown, my high school in particular, the teachers who used to roll their eyes and  turn up their palm  when they talked  to my mom suddenly say things like “Oh!  We always knew you would succeed,”

“Well you were always a voracious reader” here the rolling eyes are accompanied with snorts.

When people use “anyways” “Prepone” and “C0-brother/sister” not only are my eyes rolling, my nostrils are flaring too. But then I remember the sublime Buddha and tell myself not everyone follows the book of Thoth.

People advertising their personal lives and using foul language, well, that’s their take, but ridiculing others as prudes that’s a roll my eye take.

To be very frank I kind of agree with Jarod Kintz when he says “consider conversations with people to be mind exercises, but I do not want to pull a muscle, so I stretch a lot. That’s why I’m constantly either rolling my eyes or yawning.”


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