Epic sandwich?


Create a sandwich of epic proportions says Plinky, but Christ help me—analyzing the data

Sandwich is an item food consisting of two pieces of bread with, cheese, or other filling between them eaten as a light meal.

Sandwich could also mean insert or squeeze someone/something between two other people or things typically in a restricted spaces so as to be uncomfortable.

Epic: a long poem typically derived from oral traditions narrating the deeds and adventures or legendary figures

Proportions: comparative reaction between things or magnitudes to size, quantity number etc. Ratio. Relative size etc.

How does one create a sandwich of epic proportions?

Anna Quindlen said, look and learn from a family” in the family sandwich, the older people and the younger ones can recognize one another as the bread. Those in the middle are, for a time, the meat.”

Whew, that profound. I think we’ll go with the sandwich the wonderful food, which you can eat without a spoon or plate!

The British introduced sandwich to India the Indians called them double roti, the term today covers a broad term for all leaved bread even though not in a sandwich arrangement.

The cutlet sandwich was one popular one, for a while. Another variation of sandwich in India is the vada pav, where a traditional Indian snack called Batatavada, is placed between the bread, over which spicy garlic chutney has been spread.

My older daughter has her version of sandwich where she grills two layers of bread, with cheese, and chaat, her chat consists of papdi, date-tamarind chutney, chopped onions-potatoes-tomatoes and sev.

I was aghast the first time she did this, and believe me I actually developed a taste for it.

Another interesting sandwich I did come across was the one at a dabba (roadside restaurant) in Nainital, samosa’s where sandwiched between bread slice over which butter and green chutney was spread. On request date-tamarind chutney was added. This was served grilled.

But I guess James Beard is right when he says too few people understand a really good sandwich, the traditional peanut butter Jam ones.

But as my daughters say, the flavours of the sandwich reflect the unique personality of the creator and what a sandwich maker does is make the grilled cheese a little more special, not only does it make the marks, but it flattens well and makes for a good cheese bread ratio.

Just a moment-proh-bab-leee Plinky is looking for a hero-sandwich.


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