Am I fan of the rains? asks Plinky, maybe maybe not I can only reflect.

my theatre world


प्रपञ्चैः प्रोन्मीलत्कुटजकलिकार्जृम्भितशतैः।

घनारम्भे प्रेयस्युपगिरि गलन्निर्झरजल-

प्रणालप्रस्वेदैः कमपि मृदुभावं प्रथयति॥

Sthalī-bhūmir niryan-navaka-trna-romānca-nicaya-

prapancaiḥ pronmīlat-kutaja-kalikājṛmbhita-śataiḥ |

Ghana-ārambhe preyasy upagiri galan-nirjhara-jala-

praṇāla-prasvedaiḥ kamapi mṛdu-bhāvaṃ prathayati ||

Atop a mountain, the earth, revealing a body bristling with goosebumps from top to toe in the sprouting grass and yawning all the while with thousands of just-opening kuṭaja buds, betrays a certain tender thrill towards her lover, the monsoon, with the sweat that trickles down in the form of the coursing waterfalls.

Second verse in the ‘Vara-ārambha’ section of the Saduktikarāmtam

The romance of the rains, described by the poet, performed by the dancer or the actor. They are all entwined, the thinker, philosopher, the seeker, poet and the dancer.

This article has been an retrospection for me.  Display of memorabilia and artifacts collected by me through the  mythical countries that I have traversed…

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