The Ferris Wheel

ImageFerris wheel

Go round and round!

Memories last

One day for you and

A lifetime for me – Kyoko Kunki

Is what Kyoko Kunki’s Haiku on Ferrous wheel says. How true. Ferris wheel is an amusement device consisting of a large upright power driven wheel carrying seats that remain horizontal around its rim. This was designed in 1896 by an American engineer called G.W.G.Ferris. Though the first known use was is 1893

Most amusement parks have one. In India any travelling fare will have one, the wheel master manning the wheel run, and people sitting on it. My last experience was when I was thirteen, though the moving wheel kind of churned my stomach and made me throw up the popcorn I ate, so did some others, that in my mind has created an equation,

Ferris wheel=> throwing up I now know it is a conditioned reflex, like the Pavlov’s experiment.

The  word Ferris wheel conjures an image of the person in the seat after me puking and that landing on me. The  stink, the yuckiness of it all seems so real! ! Since that day, the Ferris wheel has been a no-no for me

Still there is nothing in space as the view from the Ferris wheel.Image


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