Service with a smile

Would I ever considering opening my own restaurant, bar or cafe?

Well why not? Considering Albert Camus observation, all great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door.

As for coffee, wherever it is grown, sold, brewed and consumed there will be lively controversy, strong opinions and good conversation, if you don’t believe me ask Mark Pendergrass about it. Over the second and third cups flow matters of high finance, high state, common gossip and lowly comedy. Coffee is a social binder, warmer of tongues, a soberer of minds, a stimulant of wit, a foiler of sleep if you want it so, from roadside mugs to the classic demi-tasse, it is a perfect democrat.

seriously the increased population of senior citizens in my town and lack of kitchen help or their own reserves to cope up I am seriously considering starting a prepared food home that delivers food home.

Over the past 30 yrs apparently the food service operations has sky rocketed to 900,000 from 155.000 and it is still on the upward boom.

My friends and sometimes I myself am guilty of picking up ready-made dough to make idli’s and dosa’s instead of whipping them from scratch. Curries that require coconut milk, well I open a Nestlé’s coconut milk packet and pop it in. A while down in time, this might be an effort too. There are increasing singles, working parents and elderly people; feeding hungry stomach’s seems  more interesting than digging people’s dirty mouth.

I  would not really call my venture a regular restaurant, maybe a service, what we used to call canteen’s or Tiffin rooms? More like a home enterprise.

On second thoughts I gave it up coordinating four palates is a bad job I would not want to take on more, it would be biting more than what I can chew.

But if I did start a restaurant I would whip up a Jim Davis menu—vegetables are a must, so carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie it is.


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