ImageThree things I would like do before I kick the bucket,

  • make sure that there is  a bucket
  • check if the bucket is empty.
  • Ensure I’m not hurt when I kick.

But guess that’s not Plinky wants.

Plinky is possibly referring to a idiom a verb that means to die, and its synonyms are bite the dust, buy the farm, cash in one’s chip, cease living, croak, expire, go belly up, go to the wall, go west, meet one’s maker, pass away, passion, shove off or succumb.

  • To write a will
  • To write an Ethical will
  • To have painting exhibition.

But why should kicking the bucket be associated with dying?

The definition of to kick the bucket as to die is found in Grose’s dictionary of the vulgar tongue may be around 1785

This could have come about  by a notion that people clamber on a bucket place their heads in the noose and kick the bucket to achieve mission self elimination though buckets would not be my choice.

However 16th century English, English used the word bucket to mean a yoke, or beam used to hang or carry item!

E.g.: “swifter then he that gibbets on the Brewers Bucket”~William Shakespeare, Henry IV part II 1597

Viola! Here emerges a clue as to why one could kick the bucket—the pattern of self elimination persists though. By the way, to gibbet meant to hang.

Here’s redemption, the wooden frame that was used to hang animals by their for slaughter was called a bucket, probably the struggle, the spasm of the animal towards death could have inspired the phrase.

You cannot live without consequences, they occur regardless of the decision. A consequence is an outcome, good or bad, you can live life without regrets and that’s what makes it worth it. Or you can live with regret and end up hanging yourself that’s still good. You paid for the rope so you’re feeding some family. Something to be proud of before you kick the bucket.—said George Orwell, he could not have said better.



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