welcome to Brinner

Breakfast for dinner? Am I a fan?

I first had to figure out what breakfast for dinner meant!

To me food is essentially to satiate hunger I have no fixed visuals of dinner, breakfast, or lunch menu.

It is only today that I discovered that dinner has its origin in a French word disner which meant the first biggest meal of the day. Disner in turn had its origin in Latin. Anyway with our lifestyle’s changing the biggest meal got postponed till disner the original breakfast has become a meal after sundown!

Breakfast made its début in 1425-75 Middle English from disner.

Coming to the point, I am a fan, well this is the case in my house, we have breakfast or Tiffin menu’s at 7pm that makes it a heavy dinner or high tea, subsequent supper becomes light.

We begin the day with maybe milk and biscuits, or some ”Tiffin” like idli, dosa, (recipe on request) but since I have to pack lunch for the kids, I cook brunch, roti’s with veggies that goes into their lunch box and breakfast for us.

Rice and curry for lunch

And then BRINNER. Between 6.30 and 7pm.

Anyone who decides to eat supper will sing for it, by cleaning up the dinner table and kitchen.


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